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Bonfires & SparklersKeep Your Family Safe

Bonfires & Sparklers

Have a great time with family and friends, but don’t spoil the party with an accident. Just take a few sensible precautions...


  • Children should be supervised. One person should be responsible for the bonfire
  • Choose a site away from wooden fences, sheds and well away from where children will be playing
  • Never pour petrol or meths onto a fire, it’s safer to use fire lighters to prevent flare-ups
  • Keep a bucket of water handy in case of an accident
  • Avoid loose clothing and tie back long hair
  • After the party pour water on the fire, rather than leaving it to burn out


  • These are often viewed as harmless but they do burn at fierce temperatures and can easily cause injuries
  • Never give sparklers to very young children
  • Make sure everyone handling sparklers wears gloves
  • Hold sparklers at arms length while being lit
  • Don’t wave sparklers about close to other people
  • Never hold a baby in your arms while you are holding a sparkler
  • When the sparkler has finished put it in a bucket of cold water

First Aid Hints for Burns

  • If clothing is on fire, lie the person down wrapped in heavy material such as a coat or blanket (not made of nylon) and roll them over and over to put the flames out
  • DON’T use ANY kind of creams, butter, oil or lotions
  • For all burns on young children – SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION
  • In all cases if the burn is severe – SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION

Source: “Bonfires, Bangers & Barbecues” a RoSPA leaflet [HS255] sponsored by HSBC Bank plc.

RoSPA acknowledges that information on these pages is used courtesy of the Department for Business Innovation & Skills (formerly the Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform.)

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