RoSPA Safer Fireworks


Buying Fireworks - Northern Ireland

  • When buying fireworks, only buy from a licensed retailer. All retailers must have on prominent display their original certificate of registration and warning notice saying “It is illegal to sell fireworks to anyone under the age of 18.

  • Only buy fireworks that comply with British Standard 7114:1988 or its European equivalent. Instructions should be in English.

  • Retailers should only sell you the category of fireworks you have a licence for - for example you should not be able to buy category 3 fireworks with a category 2 licence.

  • Only buy fireworks in full packs – do not buy loose fireworks or packs that have had fireworks taken out of them.

  • It is illegal to sell, possess, purchase or use bangers or any fireworks of erratic flight.

  • Fireworks bought from unlicensed retailers could severely injure or kill. They are usually badly made and do not conform to British Standard.

  • If you suspect that a retailer is selling fireworks illegally, please contact:
    Crimestoppers on 0800 555 1111
    Your call is free and you do not have to give your name.

  • Complete display kits are available from most retailers. RoSPA would recommend these rather than single fireworks, as everything you’ll need, including instructions, will be in one pack and the selection will give a good visual display.
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