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Licensing & Legislation

Storing and Displaying Fireworks

Leaflets giving information about storing and selling fireworks safely may be viewed and downloaded free of charge from the HSE website:

Click here to download this document (Adobe PDF)

Fireworks in shops : Retailers’ risk assessment checklist


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Storing and selling fireworks safely : Advice for anyone selling fireworks


Here are some of the key points

  • Exclude sources of ignition
  • Stop people smoking anywhere near fireworks
  • Keep fireworks away from space heaters
  • Avoid handling of fireworks unnecessarily
  • Keep fireworks in closed transport packaging
  • Don’t decant fireworks into metal dustbins
  • Don’t store fireworks near articles that could easily catch fire leading to the fire spreading to the fireworks
  • Don’t store fireworks near other articles that could spread the fire
  • Don’t store with flammable items such as white spirit or nylon tights and stockings
  • Don’t store near pallets, cardboard boxes and paper
  • Don’t store near parked vehicles
  • Ensure that all fireworks in the shop sales area are kept in a suitable display or storage cabinet
  • Ensure all escape routes and fire exits are clear and fire exit doors unlocked
  • Don’t store or display anywhere near an escape route or fire exit
  • Don’t store an excessive amount either in the shop or in the stockroom
  • Don’t store more than you are allowed to store under your licence or registration.

Please note you must take special precautions if you share a building with flats or maisonettes.

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