RoSPA Safer Fireworks

FireworksPlanning a Display

Choosing a Site for your Display

RoSPA recommendations for a safer display:

  • Lots of space
  • Soft ground (hard surfaces are more difficult to fire from)
  • A good sized spectators area (a wide viewing area is best)
  • A safety area between the firing area and spectators of at least 25 metres
  • A fallout area of at least 50 metres. (see Site Layout)
  • No overhead obstructions near the firing area including trees and overhead cables
  • The prevailing wind should be blowing from behind the spectators area
  • Nearby buildings and fire hazards should be adequate distance away
  • Have a separate emergency access route and make sure it cannot become blocked
  • Cordon off the display area with fire resistant tape / barriers
  • If you are having a bonfire, make sure it is away from your display area and before you light it, check for sleeping animals. Extinguish with water afterwards.
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