RoSPA Safer Fireworks

Planning a Display

Adults and children love firework displays because they feel reassured it will be a safe and professionally organised event. But there is a lot more to organising a display than lighting the blue touch paper!


To make sure that your display is fun and safe, follow our guidelines to having an explosive nights fun!

Did You Know?

  • All category 3 fireworks (display fireworks) must not exceed 120 decibels.  

HSE Information for Display Organisers

If you supply or sell fireworks, you should be aware of your responsibilities and recent changes to legislation which can be found in the Retailers Guide to Selling Fireworks GB NI

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Firework Safety Warning

You should be aware that the CAA has guidelines for organisers of major events using fireworks near airports. The guidelines are available from the CAA website.

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