RoSPA Safer Fireworks

Planning a Display

FireworksOther Safety Recommendations

  • Remember to inform your local fire brigade, police, airport, coastguard, District Council, St John Ambulance and Red Cross at least 28 days beforehand. Also inform the local hospitals and nearby nursing homes. Set up a first aid post with help from the Red Cross / St John Ambulance

  • Make sure you have adequate insurance in place (public liability insurance for the spectators and specialist insurance for you as organisers). Ask an insurance broker for help with this

  • Signpost all public access routes and amenities. Put up signs for traffic control

  • Decide where to put up barriers for crowd control (ask the police for assistance with this)

  • Cordon off the fallout area, so people do not stray into it by mistake

  • Make sure that stewards are easily identified (wearing fluorescent jackets or have distinctive outfits). Initially have 2 and another 1 for each 100 people attending

  • Limit the sale of alcohol to a bar area only and apply for the necessary licences (your local council can advise on this.) You may need more stewards to enforce this

  • Ensure there is adequate parking and it is well away from the display area

  • Put up outside lighting – remember your event will probably be taking place at night

  • Have fire extinguishers, buckets of water and a loud hailer or PA system on hand in case of emergency. Devise an escape route and brief all staff. If possible, make regular announcements about emergency exits, first aid points and where to get help from stewards

  • Allocate a special area for children and sparklers. Ensure they are well supervised. Do not give sparklers to children under 5

  • Try to start the display on time, so spectators don’t become restless. If there is an unavoidable delay, let everyone know as soon as possible and keep spectators regularly updated.
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