RoSPA Safer Fireworks

Planning a Display

FireworksThe Fireworks Safety Team

When setting up a display, a Fireworks Safety Team should be appointed. They are responsible for EVERYTHING to do with the firing of the fireworks! That includes:


  • Applying for a licence *Applies to Northern Ireland only
  • Appointing a firing team. This should be not more than 3 people with 1 person in overall charge of the team
  • Getting in touch with a supplier and ordering the fireworks
  • Familiarising themselves with the fireworks. This includes reading the instructions thoroughly at least once
  • Storing the fireworks safely in a water and fireproof area
  • Ordering any specialist tools for setting up and safety equipment / clothing
  • Working out a firing script and layout plan including who will fire what.

During the display

  • Setting up the fireworks
  • Guarding the site
  • Firing the display (firing team only.)


  • Dealing with duds
  • Clearing the site of debris.

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RoSPA recommend that your firing team should have:
  • No more than 3 people with 1 person in overall charge of the team
  • All members of the firing team should have at least 3 years experience of firing fireworks. If this is not possible, then the person in overall charge should have at least 3 years experience
  • All members of the firing team should be over 16 years of age
  • Each member should have a good knowledge of the safety issues associated with fireworks
  • Firers should wear suitable clothing – good footwear, fire resistant clothing, a protective hat, goggles and gloves. Sleeves should be tucked into gloves to protect the wrists and lightweight flammable clothes should be avoided
  • Each member of the firing team should carry a torch and whistle to attract attention. They should also have spare batteries
  • If possible have some sort of radio contact between the firing team and those responsible for emergency action
  • The firing team should be well aware of the order of the firing schedule and know where the rest of the firing team are during the display.
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