RoSPA Safer Fireworks

FireworksPlanning a Display

What if things go wrong?

  • Draw up a contingency plan. Allocate who will take what action in the event of an emergency

  • If someone is seriously injured during the display, a designated person should call the emergency services and firing should be stopped immediately

  • If problems arise for example the wind direction on the day is different from what you’ve planned, consider changing your site layout. If the winds are strong, consider taking out rockets and other aerial fireworks. If the firing team decide to cancel the display, their decision should be final

  • If a fire breaks out near the fireworks, call the fire brigade and stop firing immediately. Only move the fireworks if it’s safe. If you need to evacuate spectators, make sure that emergency access routes are not blocked

  • If crowd trouble erupts, call the police and stop the display. Do not try to deal with this yourself

  • If a spectator or animal wanders into the safety, firing or fallout area, stop firing as soon as possible. A spectator may try to rescue a distressed animal

  • Prepare emergency announcements in advance.
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