RoSPA Safer Fireworks

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Steady, Go... To have a successful and safe fireworks display, you should start planning at least 3 months beforehand. Follow our handy checklist to see what you should be doing when!

Three months to go!

Start planning now! At this stage have you...

  • Decided what kind of display you want and how many people you expect to attend
  • Agreed on a budget – one for the fireworks and another for any additional activities
  • Decided what other events you want to have at the display and applied for the necessary licences.
  • Appointed your firing team
  • Identified a site taking into consideration how much space you will need
  • Obtained adequate insurance
  • Enlisted the help of volunteers
  • Arranged first aid cover?

Two months to go!

You should...

  • Apply for a licence – your application could take up to 6 weeks, so apply for it now to make sure you get it in enough time *Applies to Northern Ireland only
  • Plan the firing script for the display
  • Decide what fireworks you will need to buy
  • Gather together the safety equipment you will need
  • Book specialist equipment.

Three weeks to go

  • Time to buy your fireworks – go to a licensed supplier
  • Only buy fireworks that conform to BS 7114:1988
  • If your supplier does not have what you need, order them now
  • Read the instructions carefully
  • Store the fireworks in a dry, secure place
  • Check that you have all the necessary entertainment licences
  • Practice the firing schedule.

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  • Brief your volunteers on the schedule
  • Assign each person with his or her own job
  • Plan the site layout
  • Contact the relevant people so they are aware of your display
  • Start publicising your event – go to the local media, put up posters, hand out flyers, anything to spark interest!

One week to go

  • Have a dummy run and make sure all your volunteers know what their jobs are
  • Check the fireworks for damage again - if any are damaged, dispose of them safely
  • Confirm the entertainment
  • Work out the safety plans in the event of an emergency
  • Practice the firing schedule again.

The day before

Now the hard work starts!
  • Set up the site
  • Cordon off the different areas in preparation for tomorrow
  • Have a final meeting to brief the volunteers one more time
  • Practice the firing schedule one last time.

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  • Bring your licence with you *Applies to Northern Ireland only
  • Set up the fireworks in daylight – put the last firework in place about 30 minutes beforehand if possible and cover them with plastic bags to keep dry
  • Remember you safety equipment and clothing
  • Keep spectators away from the site and guard the fireworks when in place
  • After the display pick up the spent fireworks
  • Douse the duds in water
  • Pack away all the paraphernalia
  • Come back the next day to clear the site

...Relax – it’s finally over!

All this information can be found within the website.

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