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Northern Ireland - 2010

This statistical release gives details of the number of persons injured by fireworks in the Halloween period of the year 2010. The survey covered a four-week period from Sunday October 17 to Sunday November 14 and covers those injuries treated at A&E departments and minor injuries units (see Note 1).

Key Points

  • 47 persons reported to an emergency care department with a firework-related injury, 17 more than in 2009, but 22 fewer than in 2006 and 50 fewer than in 2007
  • Almost two-thirds (29) of those injured were aged under 18
  • 83% of those injured were male
  • The 47 persons attending emergency care had a total of 51 firework-related injuries. The most common site of injury was to the wrist or hand (41% of all injuries).

Yearly Statistics


1. This information is collected via a special manual exercise carried out by A&E staff. It is conducted around a fixed four/five-week period in order to minimise the data collection burden on staff and to ensure comparability from year to year. It does not therefore include injuries from fireworks outside the survey period and will not include injuries which were not sufficiently serious to warrant attendance at an A&E Department or Minor Injuries Unit.

Detailed notes and definitions are shown here, Notes.

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